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Another Birthday for Beth Buege – and Still Her Murderer Has Not Been Brought to Justice

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Ever since I first ran across the name, “Beth Buege,” back in 2014, I have had a sense of being haunted by her and by the lack of justice in this case. It’s a rainy morning and I awoke first with images of Beth in my head. I never got to meet her and I don’t know anyone in her family or any members of the community in which she lived and in which she was murdered. Yet, she was in my head, again, this morning. Then, suddenly my thoughts turned to rage as I remembered what happened to her and the now decades-long effort to cover it up and I was suddenly fully awake. Then, I remembered that today is her birthday!

This blog started out as my “therapy blog,” where I just wrote about things that bothered me – it’s cheaper than a professional therapist and highly effective. Then, it evolved into a blog solely about chicanery on the part of amateur writers conning the public, using dodgy marketing schemes, and making a mess of, thus making life difficult for honest writers and sellers there. A website called Zonalert was erected to discuss some of the unethical activity. I was verifying the truth of the information at that site for myself when I first ran across Beth’s name. In particular, I had looked at a list of what they considered the most outrageous offenders, which you can see here and was observing activity surrounding some of these people just at random. I don’t know any of those people on that list, either – nor would I care to.

I have since removed some of my posts here about these activities, some of which were (and probably still are) associated with a group of writers who hang out and self-glorify and self-promote at Writer’s Cafe Kboards. This is a site I wish to warn any serious writer, publisher, or graphics artist to stay far away from, although you will see it often recommended. It is a virtual cesspool of self-absorbed con artists and all you will learn there is how to con people, which they like to call “marketing.” Based on my own experiences there a few years ago, there are very few, if any, successful writers there and if you have had any measure of success, yourself, you can attract a lot of trouble from the “writers” who post there, who seem to have nothing else better to do. Furthermore, some of the people on the ZonAlert list do or have hung out there and have been protected by the moderators at that site whenever evidence of their wrong-doing has been brought up.They will simply lock the threads and dismiss anyone questioning dodgy marketing activity as a troll.

Some things have changed for the better at Amazon since Zonalert got involved in exposing all the fraud and shady marketing schemes hack authors get up to. At one point, a very famous American author (famous for her vampire novels set in New Orleans) got involved and apparently, she’s one of the worst self-promoting, no-talent narcissists in the world world of writing and publishing and has her own teams of people who do her bidding on Facebook and Twitter, whether they are paid or not, it’s difficult to say. But, they appear to be fiercely loyal fans who spend a lot of time online promoting and defending the author – and, for the first time, it came to the attention of many of us that this was a practice (“street teaming”) among talentless hack writers. There were lots of independent bloggers talking about the fake reviews at Amazon and it was getting a lot of attention in mainstream press. So, Amazon finally acted to do something about a lot of the fake reviews, especially the paid ones from sites life Fiverr, which were addressed by Zonalert.

So, some of these very bad authors, who cannot sell a book on its own merits, resort to “street teams,” which in effect turn into online gangs, who are usually compensated for their loyalty to the author. They promote her work and denigrate the work of her competitors. (When I was writing about this, I ran into cases of authors who even hired people to kill their critics or competitors.) As far as I know, this is still going on. I have no reason to believe that it has stopped and that is why I am being very careful with my words here. And, this is the thing that really enraged me. Not all loyalty is good. For instance, loyalty is not good when it’s being paid for and it’s not good when it is protecting evil-doers.

The murder of Beth Buege is particularly frustrating because there are details, available in the links below, of what happened to her that night that seem to point squarely to one man. It’s one thing that we have a so-called justice system that favors the criminals over the victims and their families. We can all look at that and say that there is a problem with a system that is in place and maybe there needs to be some changes – and I think this is very true. But, it is a whole other thing when there are people – women! – who have to know who the perpetrator is and they are protecting him and, in fact, have formed a protective shield of loyalty around him.

What I see is not just one woman protecting this killer for years now, a woman who brought a cold-blooded monster into this world and has no sense of responsibility for that. But, there is a whole network comprised mainly of women who are supporting this effort of protecting a killer. Before a lot of information was deleted online (and information about this case disappears almost as fast as it appears online, but I managed to see quite a bit of it!), I saw excuses given for this, for example, that it all happened so long ago that it’s not important and no one cares!

It is important and people do care. A lot of Beth’s family have passed on. As far as I can tell from online reports, her only living relative is her brother and he cares very much about her. There are friends of Beth and people in her community who care very much about her still and want to see her killer brought to justice. Then there are people who never met Beth, but who have run across this story – and not just the story but the unbelievable harassment of her one remaining relative and those who are seeking justice on her behalf – and I am one of those people.

What I saw disgusted me and enraged me. Furthermore, it is my opinion that innocent people who have nothing to hide, who are not protecting a murderer, don’t behave this way. I would, also, remind those people who are protecting the suspected perpetrator and downplaying his role that there is no statute of limitations on murder.

So, the problem here isn’t just a failed justice system, but a whole lot of failed human beings who rally support around someone like the suspect -and I don’t know if he’s an official suspect or not – but, he certainly looks suspicious from my point of view.

It’s interesting how the police classify criminals. For instance, there are con artists and there are murders and these are considered to be two different classes. Yet, I find that whenever I see people involved in unethical behavior that more often than not they have a few more skeletons in their closet. This has been a lesson in my life – people who will commit one type of offense will commit another and birds of a feather really do flock together.

It is my hope that, at least, one of the people who know something about Beth’s murder will somehow evolve into an actual human being, grow a conscience and come forward with whatever information they have.

It is, also, my hope that more people will become interested in this story. I know there are lots of cold cases and beautiful young blonde women being deprived of their civil rights by criminals in this country has become something of a fait accompli. Every day we read about such people being abducted, raped and murdered, it is glorified and romanticized in movies, and the list of similar cold cases in the state of Wiconsin alone is very long. Yet, I hope that someone who has the power to bring greater attention to this case will come along and take up this story. This is not just the story of another valuable life being snuffed out by another criminal, but there is an entire tale of subterfuge that surrounds it and the truth needs to be ferreted out.

If you know anything about this case or anyone involved, there are some different ways you can report what you know. You can contact the detective on this case (last one I know of was Kathy Spano) at 414-935-1212. You can, also, contact her brother, Bruce, at his Facebook and there you will, also, see an email address where you can correspond with him, if you have any information that could help bring Beth’s killer to justice so that her spirit can finally be at peace.

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Here is Beth Buege’s Facebook:

This is the most recent interview with Beth’s brother about the case on the anniversary of the day of her murder. The article and the video are from June 2015:

This is the newspaper clipping you saw in the video at the link above:,516255&hl=en

This is an older post I did about Beth. There might be some more information there:

Happy Birthday to Beth Buege!

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Happy Birthday, Beth!

Happy Birthday, Beth!

I apologize for being away from this blog for so long.  I plan to be back with another installment of the Fraud Omnibus series of posts on the subject of author fraud soon. A lot of the author-fraudsters seem to be keeping a lower profile at this time in the wake of the backlash from concerned reviewers, readers and other authors a few weeks ago.  But, there is still plenty more to be said.

If you read my previous posts, you may have noticed that author-fraudsters are people who have a different philosophy about ethics than the rest of us.  Most of them have a knack for dancing on the razor’s edge of what the rules and the law allows. They usually know just what they can get away with and just how far they can go and they don’t always confine their activities to simply paying for fake reviews, as described in this ZonAlert article.  Moreover, you may have noticed a pattern in their activities, for instance, they all hang together for fear of hanging separately.

Who is Beth Buege?

In the course of trying to deduce exactly what some of these folks who have a suspicious pattern of reviews, who either outright buy reviews or employ online gangs of fake fans, called “Street Teams,” to deceive readers and game the Amazon ranking and review system were up to, I ran across a real life mystery drama. It’s the story of a family who lost their daughter, Beth, to a cold-blooded killer, a strangler of women, on June 3, 1990.  It is believed that the killer is still on the loose in their community and a lot of people, who love Beth and have never forgotten her, want him put behind bars where he belongs. They are working very hard to get attention to this case and bring her killer to justice.

Time does not wash away the blood from a murderer’s hands. He knows who he is and, according to information available about this case online, so do a few other people.

Death is only a physical event and, because we are so much more than just our physical bodies, those who have passed on are never really far away from us.  Ever since I found out about this case, which is now a Milwaukee, Wisconsin cold case, I have often had the feeling that Beth is close by. I can see her smile sometimes when I close my eyes and sometimes I even think I can hear a faint voice saying, “Don’t forget me.”

She’s not able to speak out for justice on her own behalf now, so it is up to us to her to keep her case in the spotlight as best we can.

Every day that I read of a similar cold case somewhere in the country being re-opened and solved, I feel hopeful that this could happen for Beth, too. If the right detectives with the  intelligence and the drive to solve this case using all the new tools available to law enforcement agencies these days took enough interest in it, this case could be re-opened and Beth and her family could have some  justice and a modicum of peace.

Prosecuting criminals doesn’t bring back the dead, but it does give the family, the community and everyone else concerned the sense that the legal system works, at least, once in a while.  It would be nice for all of us to feel that we are not living in an environment where the bad people always win and the expense of everyone else and are never held accountable.

A glance at the large number of cold cases for murder, not only in Wisconsin, but all throughout the country does not impart a feeling of confidence or security.  Too many cold-blooded killers are never caught. Sometimes they blend in seamlessly with the rest of society and who knows what else they become involved in, how many other crimes they go on to commit – undetected, unsuspected, unpunished – because they know exactly how much they can get away with,  how to stay just out of reach of the justice system and very often they know how to insulate themselves with the support of others who, also, hold a different philosophy about ethics than the rest of us.

Getting Beth Buege’s case re-opened would be a gift to her, really the only gift we can give her.

It is, also, the right and ethical thing to do. It is simply not fair that  such criminality should be allowed to flourish.

Happy Birthday Beth!


Happy Birthday, Beth!

Beth was born on this day, May 16th, in 1969. As you can see from the pictures in the video below, she was a very pretty child who grew into a beautiful and very photogenic woman. She was only 21-years old when she was strangled by someone.  According to reports, the last person to see her was her boyfriend.

The following is from the Milwaukee, Wisconsin Journal Sentinal, June 3, 2010:

On Sunday, June 3, 1990, shortly before 9 a.m., Buege was found strangled in the passenger seat of her red Chrysler Laser in the 4900 block of N. 49th St. The car was seen several hours before parked outside what was then Jake’s restaurant in Wauwatosa, where a man she was dating lived upstairs.

A witness saw the car – with a license plate that read “FLRT 12” – jerking along N. 49th St., said retired Wauwatosa police detective King DeSeve.

“Whoever was driving it obviously didn’t know how to use a stick shift,” said DeSeve, who, with the blessings of Milwaukee police investigators, worked the case unofficially until he retired in 2003.

Beth was a loving daughter and a kind, trusting person, whose life was cut short by this inexplicable act of brutal violence. The motive is unknown.

For more details about Beth’s life and more information about this case, please, see the following video:

How You Can Help

The man who killed Beth has been dancing on the razor’s edge, just outside the reach of the law for far too long.  Please, look at the information available about Beth’s life and her murder at the previous post, My Tribute to Beth Buege, Her Family and Friends. If you know anything that could help police solve this case, please, contact Detective Kathy Spano at 414-935-1212.

If  you are moved by the details of Beth’s case, please, do what you can to keep her story fresh in people’s minds. If you have the ability or influence to help get this case re-opened, please, use use whatever is available to you to get more attention on the case and put the pressure on law enforcement to bring the murderer to justice.

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Reward is Doubled by Parents Who Think Boyfriend is Suspect, The Milwaukee Sentinel, November 2, 1991:,516255

Milwaukee slaying remains unsolved after 20 years,  Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, by Jesse Garza, June 3, 2013:




My Tribute to Beth Buege, Her Family and Friends

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This was my rant site, the place where I vented about a lot of things that bothered me before I deleted most of those posts to focus on what is happening with indie authors committing fraud.  I once called this site my therapy place because I am a multiple violent crime survivor. I have survived multiple rapes as well as being abducted and held at gunpoint in an incident of random violence that nearly resulted in my death.

The men who tried kill me did not succeed. I survived.

But, Beth Buege did not.

In neither of our cases have the men who committed the violent crimes against us ever been brought to justice. There is no hope that the criminals who tried to kill me will ever be brought to justice – one of them was a cop.

But, I believe that there is still hope that Beth Buege will get justice, although her murder in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on June 3, 1990 is now a cold case.  I have read the articles and viewed the video tribute to Beth Buege below from YouTube and I have seen the determination of her family and friends to obtain justice for her – and for themselves.

You see, the family and close friends of Beth Buege are crime survivors, too. When their daughter’s life was brutally snuffed out in 1990, they crossed into that world of twilight that all of us who are violent crime survivors live in. Nothing ever looks the same afterward.

How I First Learned About the Murder of Beth  E. Buege

I would not know about Beth Buege except I happened to be at the right place at the right time to see her friends’ or family’s desperate attempts to bring attention to her case.

My understanding from this incident and from what I’ve read elsewhere is that the family of Beth Buege would like to bring more attention to the events surrounding her murder. More people talking about any case like this helps keep it alive in the minds of not only the public, but law enforcement.

To that I say: 10-4. Message received.

So, this is my tribute to Beth Buege.

It is a collection of articles and a video to inform you about the circumstances surrounding her unsolved murder. I hope that someone will see this who can help or who will feel moved to tell what they may know about the circumstances of her death, which will finally bring her killer to justice.

According to the articles and other information below, the Buege family is certain of the identity of her killer, but Beth was murdered in 1990 when DNA evidence had not yet developed to its present state of technology. Although, there are others who probably know something about the circumstances surrounding her murder, they are not talking. These seem to be the main reasons her killer has not been put behind bars for the rest of his life, which is better than he deserves. As it is, the suspected killer is still at large, apparently living quite a good life.

Information About Beth Buege Collected from the Web

Reward is Doubled by Parents Who Think Boyfriend is Suspect, The Milwaukee Sentinel, November 2, 1991:,516255

Milwaukee slaying remains unsolved after 20 years,  Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, by Jesse Garza, June 3, 2013:

Unsolved Murder of Beth E. Buege, Unsolved Murders National Database,

Beth is listed on this page along with many other beautiful, young women who have been murdered:’d like to point out the obvious, but something that is often forgotten when we talk about women who are murdered or raped: They’re not murdered or raped on their own. Somewhere is a brutal criminal who committed the crime and he is, more than likely, still at large.

(Update 3/22/2014: The following site lists suspicious deaths in Wisconsin. You’ll recognize Beth on the 7th row down, 3rd from the right. Hover your mouse over her photo for details: Also, see this page – –  for a number of videos discussing these cases, including a Cold Case Series, which you’ll find when you scroll down near the bottom. The video series discusses how cold cases are being handled and many of them solved, not only in Wisconsin, but elsewhere.  One theme is the importance of people talking about the cases and keeping on talking about them.)

(Update 3/25/2014: The following link goes to a memorial in Beth’s honor where you can send virtual flowers or a message: )

If you are on Facebook, you can go to this page and learn about Beth Buege at her brand new page (Apparently Facebook took down the old page a couple of days ago), which is called Memories of Beth Buege:

This is a video tribute to Beth Buege with some known information about the night of her death, information about the prime suspect and who to call if you have any information. This is a very moving and haunting video. I woke up with the song, “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door,” going through my head this morning, I can’t get it out of my mind, which is what moved me to make this entire post :

If something happens to the above video, you may find it here:

There is no peace without justice!

Justice is very important for all crime survivors, including the family and friends of murder victims, who are often not treated very well. Not only they are they cast aside by the system, but they are treated horribly by society as a whole.  They are left to pick up the pieces of their lives entirely on their own and sometimes they live in fear because of what they know. For instance, in this case a killer of women is still on the loose and since he has gotten away with his crime for so long, he may be feeling pretty confident about his chances of never getting in trouble for anything – ever.

Nobody can just move on from so great a violation as what this family – and many other survivors – have endured. They live with it every day. They go to sleep with it and they wake up with it. Their view of the world and the people in it has been completely altered forever. Their sense of safety and peace is completely shattered because they know a truth the rest of the world doesn’t seem to know or care about.

The only way to bring a modicum of peace to this family, for them to feel that the world is something like it ought to be, again, is for their daughter’s killer to be acknowledged for the murderer he is and be brought to justice. Justice and peace have been denied to this particular family for almost 24 years. But, there is hope. If you know anything about the circumstances of Beth Buege’s murder, please contact Detective Kathy Spano at 414-935-1212.

Rant on Wannabe Authors Who Support Book Piracy

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The proper way to deal with thieves.

Well, I haven’t ranted for a while, but this is going to a be a fun one!

I recently popped in on my most unloved writer’s forum, which is just a honey pot for professional writers who step in there once in a while thinking its a real writer’s forum only to discover that it’s mostly a bunch of amateur on-line marketers trying to figure out how to game the ebook self-publishing system.

Most of the time, this little corner of Kboards called Writer’s Cafe is just a bunch of narcissistic blowhards tooting their own horns. Many times, I’ve had the impression someone there was successful only to run across a thread where they admit to selling 20 books a month. Or I catch them making statements about publishing that are simply incorrect, but apparently nobody there has the experience to know this, so they just keep repeating it to every new person there who comes into the forum and asks a question.

Well, in the past day or so, the honey pot attracted an interesting guest in the form of a successful writer, complaining about one of the forums bugaboo topics: Piracy.

He mentioned multiple problems revolving around piracy, including the problem of serial returners of ebooks at, which is an ongoing problem. I ranted about this before at Rant on Serial Ebook Returners at Amazon.

He talked about the substantial portion of his income lost to online thieves and mentioned the over-sharing of accounts, something I’d never heard of because I don’t have a digital book reader and I have no plans of ever getting one.

Now, the thread is in a downward spiral of denial that the forum is supportive of piracy. In my observation, the majority of alleged professional writers in the Writer’s Cafe are, in fact, very supportive of piracy. They post celebratory threads when they discover one of their books has been pirated because apparently this is the only way most of them can get anyone to actually read their work. And, many of them are poseurs who are extremely desperate to have their work read by someone other than a personal friend or family member.

I’m amazed at the number of people, including a moderator there, who claim to know pirates. Here’s my advice to anyone who knows a thief: Get far away from such a person for your own safety.

I used to know a person who pirated material from the internet and anything else he could get his hands on. He turned out to be a not only a cyber-criminal, but a  common, ordinary IRL thief, as well, and – surprise, surprise – a rapist.

The fact is this: Immoral people who steal books or other materials online don’t usually confine their crimes to one type or simply to the internet.

I’m amazed at how common this self-entitlement to other people’s property (their minds, their bodies, etc.) is, but if you followed my last post, you see that false-self entitlement is pretty much the legacy of W. Europe and Britain. So, here we are.

Stealing is immoral. There is simply no two ways about it. Yet, I’ve read and heard just about every justification for this crime imaginable. And, I have personally suffered some unpleasant consequences because of pirates, including a substantial loss of my income.

We need tougher laws against crime, in general, and we need to have a way of dealing with world-wide crime on the world-wide web. Government isn’t supposed to interfere with people’s lives, but they are supposed to establish justice and insure domestic tranquility. I’d like to see some of that justice and peace in the form of putting criminals (like internet pirates) on trial and putting them away for a very long time.

Meanwhile, if you a writer who doesn’t enjoy being robbed, you might want to stay out of the Writer’s Cafe at Kindleboards because if you mention anything about it there, you’ll get stung. That’s because most of them are not professionals and quite a few of them in the past didn’t mind admitting their lack of scruples.

What’s hilarious is that just a few days ago they had a self-congratulatory thread regarding how much better they are than the people at another forum. Some of the people there don’t seem to realize that anyone can read the comments there – it’s not an exclusive club – and no one who reads there could arrive at the conclusion that the posters there are superior to anyone – at least, not in morals, talent or intelligence!

See some of my older rants related to this subject:

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