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Rant on Sycophants and Narcissists: How They Go Together Like Bread and Butter

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Sourdough bread and butter.
Date 10 June 2011, 18:14:55
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Sycophants and narcissists go together like bread and butter: The narcissist is the bread and the sycophant is the butter!

A sycophant is a toadying flatterer, a “suck up” or a “brown noser.” The sycophant doesn’t just want to get along, they actually enjoy playing the role of the loyal underling to anyone whom they perceive as having influence or authority.

The narcissist (described in previous rants) requires infinite, unmitigated, constant approval from others. They cannot tolerate the slightest bit of criticism or even dissent.  They see reflections of themselves everywhere and in everything they see. If they form an attachment to an idea, then they can become hostile to anyone who has an opinion that doesn’t support that idea because they see the idea as an extension of themselves. Therefore, criticism of that thing becomes, in the narcissist’s mind, a criticism of themselves.

Because the narcissist requires constant approval, he (or she) is often attracted to certain positions where he can receive the unquestioned, unchallenged worship of sycophants. The list is myriad.

Both the narcissist and his counterpart, the sycophant, are attracted to structures and order.  They both despise dissent.

Sycophants are conformists; they’re like mercury (quicksilver). They can mold themselves to any authority figure or any social group.

Narcissists are attracted to positions of power and authority.

Sycophants are conformists who worship those with perceived power and authority.

This relationship can be found in police departments, corporations, offices, politics, military organizations  and even social gatherings. Again, the example of the Kboards Writer’s Cafe comes to mind because it is an online social forum with actively involved moderators, who are perceived by sycophantic members of the group to have authority. Any mention of the moderators in a post often brings out a swarm of sycophants who worshipfully praise the moderators or other members who they perceive as having even the tiniest amount of influence within the social group.  Those who offer a differing view from that of the normative one or who are perceived as having little or no influence or value to the group are quickly marginalized by their  mob of sycophantic worshipers.

This pairing can often be found in inter-personal relationships.  Like a vampire, the narcissist must feed off others and the sycophant is an all too willing victim. The sycophant buys into the narcissists delusions of grandeur.

The relationship between narcissist and sycophant can be seen in religions, where the sycophants are all too anxious to give their minds away to a narcissistic cult leader or narcissistic invisible man (“god”). The sycophant will defend his or her narcissistic master, sometimes going to extremes, even violence, to quash dissent.

What makes the narcissist tick seems more obvious because they are clearly mentally disordered.  But, what makes the sycophant tick?  Is it stupidity? Is it laziness?  Is it a lack of self-confidence? Is it mind control? How about normative conformity?

See this video on sycophants and conformity:

What is normative conformity?